Fitness session for Francis

Francis chose us for his fitness and portrait photography session. He loved our lighting style and attention to detail. We had a great time photographing Francis who is training to be a pilot at the moment.

This is the email we received when we sent Francis his finished edited images:

“Love it!

Again thank you so much. Well worth it.”


If you would like more information on a fitness or men’s portrait session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email

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Fitness photography session for Corey.


Corey came to us this week for a fitness photography session to document his weight loss journey. He has lost 9kg and has sculpted his body with a lot of hard work and determination and it has definitely paid off. He aims to continue sculpting and building his physique throughout 2017 and we look forward to the possibility of seeing him in 12 months time for another fitness photography session to document the next part of his journey.

We have a few dumbbells and a boxing bag & gloves for use and you are welcome to bring in any props you would like to include into your session.

We photograph men and women and our women’s packages include professional hair and makeup. You are also welcome to include a few glamour, boudoir or nude images into your session if you wish.

If you would like more information on a fitness session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

fitness-photography-corey2 fitness-photography-corey1

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Reward your hard work with a fitness photography session.

Disa came to us for a fitness photography session to capture and record the results of her hard work and dedication with her health and body over the past year and we can only say that she looked amazing. Disa is a busy wife and mum and this session was something that she did “just for herself” (which is a nice break from a mum’s life always being about the family or kids). Apart from looking fantastic, Disa feels fantastic and has a very healthy outlook on life.

If you have worked hard to trim down, bulk up or sculpt your body, why not celebrate and record that achievement with a fitness photography session. We photograph men, women and couples and we provide a professional hair and makeup service for the ladies. You will feel and look absolutely amazing and you will have photographs to look back upon for the rest of your life. You should be proud of the hard work you have put in.

You are welcome to add some portrait, glamour, nude or boudoir images into your fitness session also if you wish and we are happy to photograph couples during your fitness session also.

You can find further information and pricing on fitness photography sessions on this link.

If you would like to contact me for information or to book a date please call on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

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Men’s portrait, fitness, fashion & nude photography sessions.

Dean Agar is a Brisbane photographer who has a talent for photographing men of all ages and sizes. We photograph portraiture, fitness, model folios, male boudoir and male nude style images. We also produce corporate and actors headshots for men.

Brisbane photographer men 1

We all know that women love to have photography sessions to give their husbands or partners sexy images as gifts but we have found that men also love to do this for their women. We are a popular choice for men to have a sexy boudoir or nude session to give their wives or partners special photographs as gifts. We are also a great choice for men who have been on a fitness journey and wish to document the results of their body makeover

Our private, air-conditioned studio is located in Bulimba and we shoot in both natural light and flash depending upon the desired result.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

Brisbane photographer men2

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Fitness photography for Stewart

fitness photography

Stewart came to us for a fitness photography session so he’d have images to celebrate his 2 year journey from weight loss to reaching this point with his body building. He realised a few years ago that he was overweight and decided to dedicate himself to achieving the best body and level of fitness he could. The results show that his hard work has paid off for him.

This is a very common reason for both men and women to have a photography session with us. They will often get to a point in their lives where they might realise they were not as fit and healthy as they would like to be. They might have put on a lot of weight or the “baby weight” (for women) has simply not come off. This will push them into overdrive and nothing will divert them from getting into the best shape possible and this can happen at any age. We have had clients come to us at 25yrs and then others at 40 – 50yrs of age and their personal story is often the same.

The results that document for them are astounding, and we love to hear the story of their personal journey. We know that they will love and treasure the images that we take forever and probably pass them down to their children.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or by email on this link.

You can find information on a fitness session with us on this link.

fitness-photography-brisbane-goldcoast 007

fitness-photography-brisbane-goldcoast 003

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Fitness photography

Fitness photography for men, women and couples.

fitness-photography 008

Many men and women come to us for a fitness session after an amazing transformation journey, and they want to celebrate and document their achievement. Many will have been overweight or have had a health scare and have decided to turn their life around. They devote themselves to their body and through sheer determination and hard work will achieve absolutely amazing results and we are privileged to be asked to document this time for them.

Dean and I love fitness photography. We see people with a resounding passion and through hard work they have transformed themselves. They are fit, healthy and happy and the results of their images speak for themselves.

fitness-photography 006

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Portrait photography session for ex-boxer, David

Portrait photography

68 year old David came to us this week for a portrait photography session.

He has battled many injuries in his life but has kept himself in excellent shape. We feel privileged to have been able to photograph him for posterity.

David won the South Australian Olympic middleweight boxing trials in 1968. He went on to train with the team in Melbourne, but unfortunately did not get selected to compete in Mexico for the Olympics. After the 1968 Olympic trials win he went on to win SA Open Amateur Middleweight Boxing title in 1969.

We hope you enjoy the images.

If you would like information on a session please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

Portrait photography

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Male model & fitness photography for Ryan Lemke

Fitness photography with Ryan 011a

Ryan chose us again to update his modelling images. We photographed him 2yrs ago and it was great to see him again. He has been working hard on his body and it shows in the results. We had a lot of fun today and hit a few locations around our studio along with some studio images.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email on this link.

Fitness photography with Ryan 016

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Fitness photoshoot with Russell

002 Russell fitness shoot

Recently we photographed Russell to celebrate the amazing results he has accomplished with his body. Russell who is 50 and who lives in Cairns has been on a journey of weight loss and body building over the past years and it would seem he has achieved his goal.

We offer fitness package pricing for men, women & couples. If you would like more information about a session with us please call Karen on 0402 230669 or email here.


001 Russell fitness shoot

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Fitness & Glamour session for Kirsty


Today we photographed Kirsty, from Mackay, who has been in training for a fitness competition, so the shoot was part boudoir/portrait, part fitness, and even part Sucker Punch. Kirsty wanted to show her feminine side and her strong side in her portfolio. She has worked very hard over the past months to lose 20kg and the hard work has certainly paid off for her.

If you would like to book a session like this for a fitness portfolio or as a personal reward for reaching your goal please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or by email.


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Male Fitness photography session for Joel


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We had a fantastic fitness session with Joel who hits the gym sometimes twice per day and it shows.

If you have been on a fitness challenge a shoot is a fantastic way to reward your hard work and devotion to your body.

Please see our galleries for more fitness photography for both men & women.

 Please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email here for further information or bookings.

Male Model & Fitness photography session with Quin

Male photography 13

Today we shot a very fit and very nice young man who we are sure will make a splash into the fitness modelling realm. Quin was very easy to work with and we are very happy with the results we achieved for him.

If you would like a model fitness shoot like this please contact Karen on or call 0402 230669

You can find information on a fitness session with us on this link.

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